Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friday Family Fun Night - bowling was the choice! The boys couldn't wait and asked countless times during the day if it was time to go yet.

In fact, while we were running errands in the morning, we happened to come next to Grady in his car while at a stoplight. When the light turned green and Grady went the other way, Grady Lee went ballistic: "Where is Daddy going?! He's forgetting to come bboowwlliinngg!"

Grady was a hotshot and got a couple of strikes, which the boys thought was the coolest ever. "Daddy is strong!" shouted Micah. Must be music to a Dad's ears to hear his sons call him strong.
Grady Lee got the hang of it pretty fast and developed some form - emphasis on the word some. Halfway through our game, he managed to bowl a strike and I'm certain the entire place knew. He was thrilled with himself.

Micah put all the force his little muscles could manage, and it still took forever and ever for his ball to make it to the end. I overheard Micah saying at one time, "Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga..." So true.

And, when he got bored of rolling the ball, he gave it a good soccer style kick a few times. Not proper form, but cute nonetheless.

I'm pretty sure I haven't seen feet this cute in a long time. I just may get online and order some bowling shoes for the boys to wear in place of tennis shoes.


  1. I love how cute their feet look in bowling shoes too! Were you able to join in the bowling fun with your preggo belly too? If so, impressive! Miss you lots!

  2. Love that Daddy is the ultimate hero...b/c of a strike! :-) Cute shoes. Where's the pic of YOU bowling??