Friday, July 9, 2010

The Simple Things

(A lloonngg story, but there are no pics with this post. Boring I know. Rest assured, the details on why there are no pics will come soon...)

I was at the playground the other day with my boys and started talking with another mom who also has two kids in the same age range as mine. As we talked, we discovered that we live about 20 houses apart and are in the same development. Small world!

When she discovered I was pregnant and expecting a girl, she jumped up and down. "I am cleaning out my attic and have several bins of baby girl clothes I need to get rid of. Would you be interested? I'll give you everything for $1 or $0.50 an outfit."

It took me about three seconds to start jumping up and down too and tell her that yes, I was very interested and that once my baby girl hit the six month mark she was going to be naked at this point.

We exchanged numbers and on Thursday the boys and I went over for the morning: I sifted through baby clothes and they ransacked a new toy room and played with new friends.

A minor detail worth noting. This new friend of mine recently moved here from England. Uumm, baby girl clothes in England are everything girly and feminine. Delicate flowers, darling gingham's, pretty bows, and detailed smocking. Adorable and precious.

So, my baby girl has several new dresses that I got for next to nothing. And, best of all, I have a new neighborhood friend to spend play dates with. Simple Thing and a wonderful thing.

And, as if next-to-free clothes for my baby girl were not enough, a friend called this week and insisted I come over and pick up her maternity clothes because "we are done with kids and these clothes are either going to you or are going to consignment." No need to say more - I was on my way.

The boys and I headed over this morning and they once again ransacked another play room while I sifted through clothes. Let me tell you: for these last two and a half months of pregnancy, I will be one stylish, hot mamma. Seriously. I got me some nice clothes! Amazing how nice clothes make me feel better about my large and expanding self.

I was given several beautiful dresses, so if someone could just invite me to a party or take me out to dinner, I'd really appreciate it. These dresses are begging to be worn, and I have a feeling that running errands to Target and Harris Teeter or playing in the sand box aren't going to do these dresses justice.

The Simple Things: a thoughtful friend and cute clothes.

Switching gears, Mr. Micah has had a rough week. A very rough week. He's, of course, encountered the usual bumps and bruises that he always gets, but also got a bee sting. Strike one. He is now terrified of playing in the sandbox.

Micah has also been in a sour mood - lots of tantrums, not doing well at sharing, and whining rather than talking - this week. Strike two. Because of this, he's chosen several timeouts, several hours of alone-play in his bedroom, and several spankings. For my generally-mild-mannered kid, this isn't normal behavior.

And, last but not least, Micah destroyed one of Grady's art projects and then stood there laughing. Strike three. He wasn't able to help decorate some sugar cookies with the rest of the family that night and he was terribly upset about it.

Later, after talking with him, assuring him of my love, and having him pray to ask Jesus for forgiveness, he looked at me and said, "I wuv you mommy. You're the best mommy and I wuv you." This Simple Thing, this simple statement, melted my heart and helped erase the memory of some of the tumults from this week.

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  1. Just catching up on my blog reading, one of the simple things that brings me joy! SO excited for your score on all of the great girly clothes, from ENGLAND, no less! Way cool!
    Sorry that poor, sweet Micah has had a rough week, praying the next one is much better! Feel like I haven't seen you in forevs, hope to see your cute pregnant self soon!