Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boys Only

Saturday morning Grady took the boys for a hike. A real hike. A hike that required a backpack with snacks and drinks. A hike that required bug spray. A hike that required socks and sneakers. And, a hike that I was not invited to.

They set off to a nature preserve by the lake, just down the road from our home. The boys and I frequent the park often, but I've never done the 2+ mile hike with them. I was told Grady Lee was a fearless leader that trooped on diligently, and that Micah began to lose it after mile number one. I think my husband forgot he was hiking with a two year old.

Grady merged a few video clips together and, unless you're family, you'll probably lose interest at about the four minute mark. Actually, even if you are family you'll still likely lose interest a couple of minutes in. But, there is some great footage of a snake they encountered, and between you and me, my husband hasn't stopped talking about his "skills that would rival even the best National Geographic videographers."


  1. So cute...and such special times with daddy! Not sure if it's just the age or what, but Micah reminds me so much of Olivia...his voice inflection, personality, mannerisms...(not in a girly way:)...just that I can see sooo many similarities. They're definitely related and could pass for fraternal twins. :) At least I think so. :)

  2. Lol! I saw the video of the snake "encounter" on FB & it is priceless! Just think, soon you will have girly things to do with your little one while the boys do their manly hikes & such! Yippeee!

  3. How fun! The video made Alden want to go hiking...Hmmm, might have to have a boys only hiking trip around here:-)