Monday, July 19, 2010

30 Weeks

Thirty weeks friends. Thirty lloonngg weeks are past and a short 10 weeks remain!

At my appointment last month, I got my hand slapped for not putting on enough weight and was given strict orders to eat a lot more high-calorie and high-protein foods. I thought I obeyed doctors orders, except for that at my at appointment last week I was scolded for putting on six pounds in one month. Apparently that is too much too fast. Good grief. I give up. I'm just gonna eat when I'm hungry, which is almost any given second.

I wore this dress on Sunday and had three people come up to me and say, "You're pregnant! I had no idea! When are you due?" So, I think there are a couple of possibilities here:

1. I have put on 6 pounds and now it's very obvious that I'm pregnant.
2. This dress hugs my stomach tightly and makes it clear I'm pregnant.

Who knows. Who cares. I'm just happy to say there are only 10 weeks left! (And, can you tell by my lack of genuine smile that I really am counting down the weeks?! Get this kiddo out!)


  1. LOVE that dress!
    Doctors are crazy sometimes...gain more/gain less...thankfully I never had a doctor that said I was gaining too much or too little...I have gained 45 pounds every time!
    You look fantastic! Counting down with you, can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl!!!

  2. Oh Sarah...I think you look beautiful and that dress is stunning on you!

    YAY for only 10 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You look INCREDIBLE :)Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see that sweet little girl!

  4. Ha 30 weeks the question wasn't "are you pregnant, Celia?" it was "are you having triplets???" You look gorgeous, darling!!! And eat away...while you still have time. Once that sweet munckin is here it won't be doc thats slapping your'll be hubby! :-)

  5. i have that same dress and i love it...and there is definitely no hiding that you are prego in it :) you are so cute! -erica