Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beatin' the Heat

Saturday was hot. Actually, the whole week was hot. But by Saturday I was tired of being hot and the heat felt extra hot.

Rather than run errands, because getting in and out of a car several times with kids when it's 100 degrees is really tiring; and rather than try to be creative with water play outside, because after doing that all week I wasn't up for it anymore; we got creative inside.

Grady Lee has an ever-expanding rock collection that is infiltrating the house. I have displays everywhere, and try as I may to encourage he keep them all in his room, it doesn't always work. I decided we would make Treasure Boxes, the thought being that if he had a cool place to keep his rocks they might not end up all over the house.

The boys glued craft sticks together to build boxes and then decorated them with foam stickers, puff balls, and googly eyes.

And now, those lovely Treasure Boxes are stuffed with stones and displayed proudly in their bedroom on their dresser. Mission accomplished.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased several books that the library was getting rid of. I couldn't have imagined that a $0.50 book about turtles and another one about dinosaurs would captivate my four-year old so long. I gotta get me some more!

After naps we spent the late afternoon and evening with the Robinson family. We enjoyed their pool for about 1/2 hour when, out of no where, a rumble of thunder sounded and everyone had to get out of the pool.

But it was long enough for Grady Lee get in a couple rounds on the water slide and for Micah to enjoy counting to 10 or 15 or any other random number except the traditional three before jumping off the side of the pool.

We headed back to the Robinson's home and the kids watched a movie and did puzzles before getting ready for bed. The Robinson's recently finished off their basement and have a wonderful movie room... which Grady Lee thought was the actual movie theater and wondered why "the seats that flip up" weren't there.

Bed time rolled around and sweet Leah read bedtime stories. I think I need to rent a cute 8-year old like her every once in a while. She is a fantastic mom-in-the-making and my boys adore her.

Once kids were in bed, the adults high-tailed it down to the new theater room for a movie and popcorn. Aahhh, comfy couch. Yummy popcorn. Fun friends. Good times. But, the relaxing and good times happened after Grady Lee broke a lamp in the guest bedroom. And after he freaked out because he saw a neighbor through the window shade that was exercising and he thought it was a monster jumping to get him. And after he needed to "go pee-pee again" and again.

But after all of that, then it really was relaxing and good.

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  1. So glad you all had a fantastic weekend! Love the boys little treasure boxes! What a great idea!