Monday, June 7, 2010

This and That

Our College Group got together Sunday evening for basketball, volleyball, and food. I love, deep down love, the kids in our College Group! They are a riot to hang out with and it's awesome to watch some of them seek to deepen their love and relationship with God.

A friend took a bazillion pics, and since she isn't rich and famous yet, I pirated them off her Face Book page. She does a great job and once this baby girl is out of my belly, she's doing new family pics for us! She has one of those cool cameras that take like 16 pictures a second so you can get some really great action shots. I totally don't need one of those cameras, but I totally want one.

There was some serious competition.

There was some serious craziness.

There was some serious "who does the pregnant lady think she is to actually step foot on the volleyball court and try to play?!?"

And there was some serious fun for my boys. (I love watching other people make my boys laugh. The kind of deep-down-guttural laugh.)

This morning I had a couple of errands to run and knew the boys weren't going to enjoy riding in the car for so long. As a reward for obeying and behaving well, I told them we'd have a picnic lunch and play in the fountains. A slew of raisins and fun songs about dump trucks kept them quiet in the backseat while I took care of errands, so around noon it was off to the fountains.

They were finally free to chow down, run, splash, and play!


  1. I think you guys do such a great job with the college group!
    Totally cute photos of the boys playing today!

  2. What fun! You all have so much energy! My kids love the spray grounds too. Its a great way to spend a hot day-

  3. And I love...deep down love...the fact that you love my girls - such a privilege to attend such an awesome college group and all the activities! God is truly blessing!

  4. Agreed. They love you and you love them. No better way! :-) And even better that they love your sweet kids!!