Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So this week has been great. Amazing, really. I love watching my boys play together and I love hearing them refer to each other as their "best fwend."

We spent an hour on Tuesday at our local playground. One would think the boys would be excited to run and climb and jump. They were, however, much more interested in simply racing a matchbox car down the slide over and over again. And over and over again. I haven't figured out why this was fun, but they have since asked if we can go back to the playground and race cars some more. My goodness, next time I'm bringing a magazine to help pass the time.

We came home and they decided they wanted to make a parking lot on the deck. Kid you not, they played together for another hour and a half doing nothing other than lining up cars, racing them off the picnic table, and laughing hysterically at what happened when each car crashed.

Simple pleasures for them and me: best buddies playing without a care in the world; me folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher without having two toddlers underfoot.

Today we joined some friends at their pool and swam for a couple of hours. My boys were water champs and ready to jump off the side of the pool all by themselves.

Micah has no fear, unfortunately, and needs to be watched super close. I turned my back for all of three seconds when I heard a splash. I turned around and he ws flailing in the water doing everything he could to catch a breath. That child will give me my first gray hair, I know it.

This is the only picture I took because I quickly realized that every second of my attention needed to be on Micah unless I was willing to let the child drown.

We spent some time working on letters and numbers the other day. Check out the harmonious serenade I was blessed with while we did schoolwork.

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  1. I {heart} sibling playtime! Those are the best photos of the boys playing cars together! We were away for a few days & I'm just now catching up on blogs & you have been busy! Keep the wonderful posts coming!