Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Need A Nap

Friday evening the College Girls got together for a Girls Night Out, which was actually a Girls Night In.

I love that there was no shame in consuming enormous amounts of pizza because, I for one, am the least feminine eater out there. If I like it - I eat it. If I want more - I eat more. Good thing I was in the right company.

A couple of the girls are" professional" cake decorators and gave a mini-lesson on how to make the yummiest frosting ever and how to decorate cakes. I've never been any good and small hand movements and so my flowers usually end up looking like blobs and my letters like scribbles. But, I think I walked away with a few new tricks up my sleeve.

After our share of chocolate and lots of frosting, it was time for massages and manicures. I'm telling you, these girls have hidden talents that are of major benefit to me! My nails are now glittery and shiny and for the time being, I have girly hands again. I'm sure that'll change the minute I hit the sandbox or the pool with my boys.

It was strange to get home on Friday and find the house quiet with everyone already in bed. Usually I'm the one yawning and saying goodnight before Grady is ready.

Saturday morning Grady had several meetings so the boys ran errands with me. I stopped at Babies R Us to pick up a couple of things (and got to use the "Expectant Moms Only" parking space!), and ended up spending about an hour in the store. I looked at everything pink. My goodness, there is lots of it.

When we passed an aisle of stuffed animals, Grady Lee shouted, "My sister needs a pink puppy, Mom!" Hhmmm, true, true, very true. The boys each have a stuffed animal they sleep with so, naturally, their sister will need one too. I let them wander the aisle and each got to choose a special animal that they could get, bring home and wrap, and give to their sister in the hospital. Micah chose a lamb with pink ears and feet and Grady Lee chose a puppy with pink ears and nose and a very annoying rattle inside.

When we got home they couldn't wait to wrap their gifts. A hundred pieces of tape later, and the gifts are beautifully wrapped and waiting for our Baby Girl to make her grand debut.

Saturday evening we joined several friends for a goodbye party for a family moving to Dallas, TX. Despite the 97 degree temps, it was actually a nice time. There were lots of kids running (and crying) everywhere so my boys had lots of entertainment.

You'd think that since this was a goodbye party I would have thought to take a picture of the family we were saying goodbye to... but that tiny detail slipped my mind. I'll blame it on being hot and pregnant.

And so, after a late night on Friday and a hot, busy day on Saturday, I'm ready for a nap. Oh wait, I'm always ready for a nap. But this time I feel like I've kind of earned it.

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  1. Awww...I LOVE how the boys thought about their little sister and wanted to get her a stuffed animal. Too sweet! They are going to make the BEST big brothers!!!!