Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dresses and Football

I had three hours to myself today to do some shopping. Baby girl shopping, I might add. It was drizzly as I headed out, so I cashed in the last few bucks on my Starbucks card and enjoyed a coffee while I shopped. (Simmer down friends - it was decaf.)

A consignment store had a 50% off sale this weekend. I always knew this was true, but now that I'm actually looking at girl things, I really know this is true: there were eight racks of girl clothes and two racks of boy clothes. And, there were three racks of girl accessories. I'm pretty sure there wasn't an accessory rack for boys. If there was, I may be concerned. Having a girl increases your odds of finding cute clothes by a whole lot.

After an hour in the store, I had to force myself away because I would have likely emptied most of the racks. The darling things I found and the amazing prices being offered were too much to handle. I've always considered myself to have decent self-control, but that may be about to change.

Later in the afternoon I came home grinning from ear to ear. Grady peeked out of his office just in time to see my walk by with four bags of clothes. Bless his heart - he gave me a hug and a smile and asked what fun things I bought for our little girl. So, even if deep down he was counting dollars and cents, he at least gave me the courtesy of being excited over all things pink and ruffly.

He actually decided to take a quick video clip of me clipping tags off everything. I know, I know... we are smitten already. I'm pretty sure there aren't many other (if any!) husbands that record their wives looking at baby girl clothes.

The rain cleared up and we headed out for our neighborhood cookout. Is there anything better than a burger on the grill? (Not counting Five Guys Burgers...)

The boys made new friends and played football, while I chatted with some ladies about anything and everything. I was slightly bored and ready to get up and join the boys in football, but then I realized they were in the scorching sun and I was comfortable in the shade. I decided it was better to be bored and cool, than have fun and be really hot.

After lots of juice boxes and cookies and running around, we headed home for baths. And besides, I had laundry to take out of the dryer and hang up. Guess what? I had pink lint. I just might save it...


  1. how adorable! Juli would have love to go with you!
    Yes Grady that is an Incredible deal on those clothes...TRUST ME!

    The funniest Sarah is how you have to turn to the side and press your shirt against you to show your bump and your what 5 months....crazy!

  2. Sarah, it is such a joy to be happy for you and your baby girl! I do think you should save the lint for your baby book, I'm serious! You guys are so precious & I can't wait to see how this baby girl is going to rock your world in so many wonderful ways!

  3. So $30 is a fantastic can tell Grady I agree:) Ahhhh, the lesson of self-control comes quickly when buying baby girl clothes, especially after having 2 boys, right:) You did well my sweet friend!! I love to hit the Old Navy 50% off sale and get their clearance for 50% off. That's when I buy a lot of Annabelle's "next season" clothes since I don't have a ton of hand me downs:) You look great and YES every girl needs red, sparkly shoes!!

  4. So cute! But wait...Amy never had red sparkly shoes...uh oh! Maybe we can send her shopping with you next time! She'll definitely help out! :-) Cute clothes! Just next years cookout you won't be sitting in the shade'll be sitting in the shade gushing about your new sweet baby girl!!!! :-)

  5. Love the video! You guys are so cute! I can't wait to see that baby girl of yours :)

  6. love the red shoes!! we are also enjoying adding some pink to the laundry. by far my favorite purchase has been a little pink tutu. although the cutest thing is how excited the boys are about having a princess in the house