Friday, May 21, 2010

Botanical Gardens

We spent a few hours at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens today. We haven't been since last Fall and my boys we excited to go. Grady Lee woke up asking if it "was time to go to the garden center yet?" No matter how many times I say botanical gardens, he replies with garden center. Whatever.

We were supposed to meet some friends there, but something came up and they had to cancel. I'm starting to get a complex since this has happened a few times in the last couple of weeks. Are my friends embarrassed by my pregnancy waddle?

Or maybe they're avoiding being seen in public with my darling but very often loud and obnoxious boys.

My boys loved all the winding paths, the flower/shrub archways, and most of all the water fountains.

In fact, I'm pretty sure they didn't even realize that there were amazing, gorgeous, colorful flowers surrounding us. All they saw was water - and lots of it.

Grady Lee found a hundred and one roly-poly's. Micah, of course, slipped on some mulch and has a nice shiner on his shin. Some moms bring a stash of diapers or a water bottles or snacks. Not me. I bring band-aids. Aahh, the adventures of a fun and quiet (?!) morning frolicking in flowers.

I think when the boys are another year older I'll consider a membership. They have some great classes and events for kids. And, being that my boys love anything having to do with outdoors, I think they'll really enjoy going.


  1. Beautiful! I was looking up things to do in Charlotte and this was on my list of things to do sometime when we visit...but um, dumb question...what's a roly-poly? Maybe that's just something boys are interested in? :)

  2. what a fun day, and beautiful pictures. :-) thanks for sharing, and it looks like you had a nice time and lots of flexibility with just your boys. (i enjoy the days when i'm just alone w/ my kids from time to time.) :-) now, when those boys are a year'll have a sweet pink little bundle with you to stroll through the beautiful garden...