Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This, That, and the Other

Ever have one of those "run-from-one-thing-to-another-from-the-time-you-get-up-until-the-time-you-go-to-bed" kind of days? That was us on Sunday.

We needed to be at church early so Grady could participate in some deacon-related responsibilities. After the worship service, we were off to College Group where he was teaching. From there, we swung by the boys' classes to pick them up and raced off to lunch out with the College Group.

Next, we headed home fto give the boys short naps before meeting up with friends from our college days that were in town for the day. We met them for pizza at 5:30... and thank goodness we were eating outside because between us there were five very active little ones that wanted to run and play and pick berries off of every bush around our table.

After dinner we took a walk through a park by the lake and enjoyed watching the kids throw lots of bread into the lake in hopes of fish surfacing for a treat. Bummed at first that they didn't see ducks, the first sign of a tiny fish eating a bread crumb made everything okay for the kids.

And what's the perfect ending to a fun day? Ice cream of course. Despite the cool (cold, actually) temps since the sun had set, we ate ice cream by the fountain and let the kids splash their hands.

The best part of the day? Getting to hold and enjoy three beautiful little girls. You wouldn't know it since I only took a few pics of the back of the kids, but there is no doubt these little girls are three of the most darling beauties you've ever seen. (What can I say? I was a little too caught up in catching up with my friends...) Delightful to see glittery flip-flops and sun dresses... matched with my boys crawling on the ground to catch caterpillars and stuff rocks in their pockets.

By 9:00 we were home and it was wwaayyy past bedtime for my overtired boys, and honestly, nearing bedtime for this always-tired pregnant mamma.

And that brings me to Monday. Mondays are typically the catch-up-from-a-busy-weekend day for me. You know, laundry, groceries, cleaning... the exciting stuff.

A last-minute meeting at church was scheduled for Grady and I that afternoon. I called a friend who agreed, without a second of hesitation, to watch the boys for me. And, on top of that, she suggested we just stay for dinner so that I would have one less thing to worry about after fighting rush hour to get home.

Can someone please tell me why on earth I have some of the dearest and most giving friends? It's a beautiful thing.

And on to today - Tuesday. We celebrated the closing to a year of our MOMS Bible study with a brunch, testimonies, and a few songs by all the kids.

Micah's group was up first and Grady Lee's group sat on the floor to watch. You can't imagine the squealing delight between Micah and Grady when they saw each other. "My broder is here!" "Hi Gwady! Hi Gwady!"... until a teacher gently hushed them.

Micah, being all of two, just stood on the stage staring at the audience. No motions. No attempt to sing. Just expressionless standing in one place.

Grady's group was next and prior to going up he caught my eye and gave me a big wave. As all the kids filed on stage, I realized he was going to be standing on the opposite side of the stage from where I was seated. I decided to get up and sit on the floor in front of him so I could better see him and get some pics.

Big mistake. Emphasis on the big. Sheer panic covered his face when he couldn't find me. See him looking off to the right, where I was sitting? He's nothing but terrified.

The kids sang a couple of darling songs with cute motions. Actually, the other kids sang and did motions. Grady Lee was a statue - not willing to move or sing because his whole attention was on the fact he couldn't see me and his little mouth kept whimpering, "Mommy? Mommy?" as he searched the crowd to the right where I was sitting.

And, for this song, the kids all fell to the ground as part of the motions. But not my Grady Lee. No ssiirreeeee. He was bent on standing tall and keeping his eyes open to search for me... by looking to the right where I was sitting.

Despite my frantic waves to try to get his attention, he didn't see me until the last couple of seconds of the last song. The dear boy broke out in a huge smile and started crying while laughing - he was so relieved and so excited to see I was watching him and didn't leave him.

On a side note, notice his hands are nicely in his pockets? We are working really hard on using self-control. He is learning that the best place for hands during quiet time or story time is in his pockets so he doesn't touch his friends. Bless his heart... his hands stayed stuffed deep in his pockets the whole time. Self-control, maybe. Terrified nervousness, absolutely.


  1. Oh my goodness, both of your boys are pure preciousness! The kids were ALL so cute performing their songs!
    I can relate to whirlwind days like yours...they are fun, but tiring! Hope the rest of your week proceeds at a restful, relaxing pace!
    LOVED your cute shoes today!!

  2. Sarah!! I am laughing out loud:) The pictures of Grady Lee are PRICELESS!!! You have such a way with telling stories of normal everyday life with kids!! Hope you are doing well. Are you finding out what your 3rd bundle will be before September?