Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

"Oh! You have such a pregnancy glow!" Funny, but that has never been said to me. Ever. For three pregnancies. And you know why? Cause the whole pregnancy glow idea is a lie. A big.Fat.Lie.

My eyes don't dance and light up. They are blood shot from puking so much.

My hair isn't especially thick and lustrous. It's just shiny because it gets greasy two hours after showering.

My face doesn't glow and radiate joy. In fact, you'd think I was 15 again with all the acne I have.

My nesting instincts consist of finding the nearest pillow so I can rest and finding the nearest bathroom so I have an exit strategy.

And, let's all just be honest: is there really anything fun about gaining weight? I hope I'm hearing a resounding no.

Yup, I'm convinced the pregnancy glow idea is a farce. Something people politely say to make miserable feeling moms-to-be feel better about themselves.

But then, there are those moms who swear they have more energy when they're pregnant and think they look especially beautiful when great with child. I sure don't want to call some friends and family liars, but come on... seriously? If that's true, then, boy, I sure got the raw end of the deal.

Enough complaining. Being a mom is for certain one of the best things God has allowed me to experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything! In fact, I can't wait to add more to our growing family. The nine months of pregnancy non-glow are worth it in the end.

I had a routine doctor appointment today. I'll never get tired of listening to an unborn baby's heartbeat. Beautiful and precious and miraculous.

Seventeen weeks into this journey and here's what I'm looking like now:

Micah insisted on being in the picture, but when I asked him to put his hands on his tummy like Mommy, he was very confused. Hence, the scowl.

The gender reveal ultrasound is in another couple of weeks. Pink or blue? Stay tuned.


  1. Sarah, I sooooo enjoy reading your posts! I think you DO look positively beautiful and radiant and while I think you have the worst morning sickness of anyone that I know, you ALWAYS look pretty & fresh & full of grace. I have never seen you looking green around the gills, so you have really got this down to a science. I'm sorry that you feel so icky, but you really do look great! Love that photo of you & Micah, lol!

  2. i think you look amazing. my belly looks bigger than that after just after eating a big meal :) can't wait to find out pink or blue.

  3. You are so cute, and I DO think you glow. So there! Sonya's comment is hilarious, and I couldn't agree more. I'm sad to hear that you're having a bit of a tough time. Gosh, will the puking be over soon, or do you do that the whole time? Please know that I'll be happy to help if you need anything. Really REALLY.

  4. Oh my sweet friend! How familiar this tune sounds. Was I not singing it just LAST summer? And you were humming along in your sympathetic melody? Sorry, girl! Still praying for you! I'm on the other side...its'll make it! :-)