Friday, April 30, 2010

Strawberry Fields, the Sprinkler, and a Sandbox

*Warning: This is a picture-intensive post.*

Grandpa and Grandma High arrived yesterday and are here until Monday. Um, I don't think I've seen my boys squeal and laugh and jump this much in a long time. Forget Christmas or birthday presents. Forget ice-cream or chocolate treats. Apparently, having Grandpa and Grandma visit trumps all of this.

This morning we ventured to a local strawberry farm to pick berries. The weather was perfect and the berries were enormous and red and juicy. We came away with a lot of berries... not one of which will go to waste!

After naps, Grandma joined the boys in the sprinkler (yes, I said in... she jumped as much as they did) while Grandpa and I relaxed on the deck - in the shade, with a cold drink. Grandma thinks she had fun, but I think she got the much harder end of the deal.

After dinner, we were off to Home Depot for supplies to build a sandbox. The boys have been asking day after day if it was time for Grandpa to come and build the "new, big sandbox for us." Finally, the day had arrived.

My eager toddlers helped carry wood to the backyard and were anxious to get their tools out and start helping! (Who knew that building a sandbox would require a wrench and a flashlight and four different hammers?)

The boys - er, the men - got a good start on building the frame for the sandbox before it got dark. You know you're waiting with baited breath to see the end result... stay tuned until tomorrow for details and pics...

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