Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fourteen Weeks... Only

I'm fourteen weeks into this pregnancy - with no sign of the nausea letting up. But, praise Jesus, Zofran has at least minimized the puking. Despite being sick several times a week, I've still managed to pack on seven pounds already. (Yikes! It's true - with each subsequent pregnancy you get bigger much faster.)

Today's ultrasound showed a mover and a shaker. The little one wouldn't sit still for very long so the technician was scrambling all over my stomach to keep up with him and get some measurements.

Measurements showed the little one a bit bigger than expected so my due date has been moved up by two days. Nothing much, but I say, the sooner this kid comes out the better! (But, of course, not too soon... we want a healthy heart and lungs.)

Several have asked, so here's a profile pic. Nothing much to see yet, but trust me, there is one big, bloated belly under that shirt.

Micah is fond of lifting my shirt at very random times to see if my belly is "big and the baby is still inside, Mom?" Precious to see... just wish he wouldn't have done it at the playground today.


  1. Soooo cute! And I have to say, been-there/done-that regarding the shirt lifting...for a while Sophie was in the habit of standing around my legs & out of the blue she would just lift my skirt up!
    Praying for your sweet, sweet one!

  2. Oh Sarah...what a precious ultrasound pic. You look fantastic too BTW!