Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The Wuv Day"

(Whew! After a week away from blogging it's good to be back.)

On a rainy day several weeks back, I lugged out everything pink, red, and white I could find in our craft bin. The boys colored and painted and cut and glued Valentine's Day cards for family members.

I'm pretty sure their favorite part was eating the chocolates that were supposed to be attached to the cards. As they worked on their cards, we talked about Valentine's and that it's a special day to stop and say "I Love You!" to family and friends.

Grady Lee: "I wuv you every day Mom!"
Micah: "I wuv you too, Mom!"
Me: "Awww, that's sweet guys. Mom loves you every day too. Who else can we say I love you to?"
Grady Lee: "To Dad, and Gwamma, and Nana, and my puppy, and my teddy."
Micah: "I wuv to my Daddy."
Mom: "Anyone else Micah?"
Micah: "No, just Daddy." (Spend a mere five minutes with Micah, and you will know that he is a total Daddy-lover.)
Mom: "But who loves us mmorreee than anyone else?"
Grady Lee and Micah shouting together: "Jesus!"

My heart melted. One of the most important truths in life and they are in the early stages of grasping it already.

Of course Grandma and Grandpa and Nana can't let a holiday pass without finding a special gift for their boys. Grandma and Grandpa sent toy cars loaded with candy... which have been raced and crashed nonstop ever since.

Nana sent a fun coloring book, stickers, and a lollipop. I'm pretty sure the boys ate the lollipop and scribbled in the coloring books in less than three minutes after opening their gifts.

And, really, what is a holiday without some baking? Long story short, my nieces were here for several days last week so they were able to join Grady Lee, Micah, and a couple of their friends in making some heart cookies.

We rolled dough and stamped out hearts. (Grady: "It's play-doh cookies, huh Mom!")

The kids frosted and decorated their cookies. Micah was a train-wreck of pink frosting; Grady Lee ate more sprinkles than he actually decorated with; and my nieces were sweet and dainty, carefully and strategically placing their sprinkles and candies.

(Six kids under the age of four decorating cookies really isn't that bad. Really, it's not. So what if there is still pink frosting stuck in the cracks on the table, sprinkles ground into the rug, and crumbs stuck to the chairs?)

Happy Wuv Day to you!


  1. Look at YOU Ms. Sarah gettin' all crafty with the boys!!! Next thing I know, you'll be whipping out the fancy paper cutters & corner rounders! I LOVE IT! You are a GREAT mom & I bet those cookies were delicious!

  2. have been busy girl! Love all the pics. Your house looks like so.....much fun! Have a great Monday!!