Friday, February 19, 2010

The Simple Things

Wow... so many simple things I'm thankful for this week!

A friend passed on a box of maternity clothes for me to borrow. Less than a week after hearing the news, and she's already grabbing things from her attic to help me out. She is a gem. (That, or she realizes that my pants are getting tight and she is subtely suggesting I move to a bigger size...)

And then there's another friend who decided her three year old has too much Thomas the Trian stuff and she randomly gave some tracks and trains to my boys. It's nothing more than a simple loop, but you seriously would have though Christmas and Birthdays were happening in our home. My boys were on cloud nine.

And what about another friend who decided to clean out toys her boys no longer played with... and I happened to score five amazing floor puzzles! Round two of Christmas and Birthday celebration in our home.

Like the title says - it's The Simple Things. Nothing much, but enough to make my heart smile. What about you: what made your heart smile this week?

1 comment:

  1. My maternity clothes made it on your blog!!!?? Whoo hoo!!! Thanks for turning the size tags around so you can't see them! Ha ha ha!!