Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All signs say YES

So, in early January I was tired all the time. Just thought I was having a hard time recovering from long days and late nights at Passion 2010. (Seriously, my 30-year old tail-end was whipped by those young whipper snapper college kids.)

In late January I felt kind of nauseas and thought I was getting the flu.

In early February, I was puking every day and tired all day.

Enough was enough. After a trip to Target and a quick bathroom visit it was obvious: a blaring YES on the stick. The stick as in pregnancy test kind of stick.

I, of course, hopped online to figure out my due date and it seems to be somewhere close to September 29. Despite the awful and intense fatigue and nausea, I'm doing better than I did with Grady Lee. With him, I lost weight the first couple of months because I was so sick. Not so this time: my waist is bulging.

I'm still wearing normal clothes, but I feel like a bloated balloon trudging along. In some ways, I look forward to the huge elastic-waisted pants because at least then people know why I'm so sick and tired. And bloated.

Enough about me. My husband is through the roof excited - and deep down he thinks it's a girl. Wonder if I should tell him now that my gut tells me it's a boy, and Mamma is usually always right.

My boys aren't entirely sure what's going on, though Micah was quick to lift up my shirt and touch my belly. Gotta give him props: for being just two, the kid is kind of smart. Grady Lee, however, is already busy rearranging our lives to accommodate the new baby.

"I'll sit in the back of the van now, Mom, cause the baby needs to sit in my seat."

"Micah needs a new bed now, Mom, cause the baby needs a crib."

"We need a new chair for Micah to eat in, Mom, cause the baby needs Micah's high chair."

(Slow down kid... let's just get past the puking phase before we shift the nesting phase into high-gear!)

I showed the boys a picture of what the baby probably looks like right about now, and Grady Lee was quite concerned that the baby has arms but not much for legs: "How will he run and play with me, Mom?"

I told the boys that as of now, their new baby brother (sister?!) is only about the size of a small apple, to which Micah responded, "I no like apples, Mom." Great - sibling rivalry already.

Alright - I'm signing off. Time for another snack. And another trip to the bathroom.


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you guys!

    So excited for the official announcement!
    I'm SO stinkin' happy for you guys! Girl or boy, you guys are great parents & I can't wait to meet the newest little one! And what precious big brothers! I love how little Grady Lee is already thinking ahead! And hmmmm, bulging belly, maybe you & Grady are both right...perhaps you are having boy-girl twins!!! ;-)

  3. So excited for you! Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!

  4. So...........happy for you guys!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  5. Congratulations, Sarah. See, I told you I can keep secrets :) We're thrilled for you and Grady and can't wait to meet the newest Peeler!!!

  6. The newest Peeler...how exciting! I'll spare you the dramatics...already did that on the phone! :-) But I am excited...hoping you'll get some meds soon to help with your tummy. Love you, friend!