Friday, January 22, 2010

The Simple Things

I always get excited when October rolls around and Bubble Bath Season officially begins.

Sometimes I'll sneak in a bubble bath during the summer, too. But honestly, taking a hot bath with the air conditioner blowing in the background just isn't the same.

Many evenings, once the clock ticks to 7:30 pm and the boys are in bed, I high-tail it to the bathtub. Add in a couple of good magazines, candles, the phone, or a tall glass of ice-water and I'm lost in relaxing luxury. Nothing takes away the aches & pains or the stresses & worries like 30 minuntes of silence in a hot bath.

What simple thing are you thankful for this week?


  1. Girl that sounds WONDERFUL!!!! I could so go for a hot bubble bath RIGHT NOW! Unfortunetly, I need to go CLEAN my bath (and bathrooms) right now--ha!!!!

    Oh well.

  2. That does sound wonderful! I was in the habit of doing that when Garrett was little - gotten out of it though . . .

    I enjoyed being "serenaded" Happy Birthday by Garrett & Olivia without any prompting - it was soo sweet - I started to cry b/c I remember the days/months/years of crying out to God for them and now they're here and singing to ME! It was simple, but wonderful ;)