Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playgrounds and Picnics and the Backyard

We've had a fantastic start to the week! Great weather. Great friends. Great boys (obedience truly is the greatest thing).

Temps have been in the low 60's and it's been so refreshing to crack some windows, put on a t-shirt, and eat lunch outside. My three year old even asked if he could go swimming - and I said no. He then asked if he could wear his sandals - and I still said no. (I know, I'm such an un-fun mom.)

Monday we enjoyed a morning at Plaza Fiesta with several friends. Whew-eeeee! I was one tired momma after an hour and a half. Seriously, you try keeping up with a three year old while assisting a two year old and crawling through tubes, climbing ropes, and sliding through tunnels.

I'm sure all my other friends that we met there had a great time too. But, I actually wouldn't know because they relaxed on the sidelines with their coffees and chatted away while I tried to keep from collapsing due to exhaustion or from getting stuck in a tunnel. Someday... someday I'll be the mom that has kids old enough to handle this place on their own. And I too will get my chance to sip coffee and relax! But, until then, I'll consider it fun to get stuck in a tunnel with screaming kids, endure burns on my elbows from zooming down slides, and wake up the next morning with soreness in muscles I didn't know I had.

Because weather has been great we've been outside a lot. Micah worked hard to catch a lizard but wasn't fast enough. It made him so mad he started yelling "no, no, no lizard!" when it ran away. Funniest thing to see.

Our yard has been littered with balls and sand toys and trucks and bikes. I love it. Gotta make the most of this great weather while we can.

So, that's been my week so far. Throw in seven loads of laundry, changing sheets on all the beds, getting groceries, vacuuming, and making a couple dozen cookies and you pretty much have a play-by-play of my week. I know - you can hardly stand the glamorous life I live. Autographs will be available later - as soon as I finish cleaning my bathrooms.

What about you? What have you been up to so far this week?


  1. Hi Sarah!,
    Your boys are so cute! Looks like you have had loads of fun outside. I have loved the pretty weather too. We have tried to take advantage of it as well! Tomorrow though...the rain moves in. I guess you will have to hold some indoor picnics:)

  2. Sarah, you are such an awesome blogger! I SO enjoy reading your blog and all about the glamorous life that you lead! To me you really embody being joyful always & giving thanks in all circumstances, your boys are so blessed to have you for their super fun (even-if-you-don't-let-them-wear-sandals-in-January) Mom!
    I heart the picture of the boys together with their golf clubs. It is so sweet the way Grady has his arm around Micah! Precious, precious boys!