Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

... to Nana's house we go!

Christmas is with the Peeler/White family this year, which means a massive road trip to New Jersey. Eleven hours later, we arrived safe and sound - though I'm pretty sure I lost my sanity somewhere back in Virginia along the way.

Grady's job is to drive, read the map, listen to books on tape, eat lots of snacks, and get the family to our final destination.

Grady Lee's job is to watch non-stop movies, ranging from Veggie Tales to Thomas the Train to Curious George, and to eat continuous snacks.

Micah's job is to whine non-stop, throw his crayons on the floor and beg for them to be picked up, and eat continuous snacks. (Oh yes, and randomly undress himself "cause I hot, Mom.")

My job is simply to distribute snacks to everyone, pick up dropped toys and crayons, change DVDs and CDs, get toll money ready, and maintain the best cheery attitude I can so as not to accidently "forget" one of my children at a rest stop because I cannot take the whining anymore.

Nana, full of smiles and anticipation, met us at the door when we arrived. The boys, groggy from being woke up, were quick to acclimate and empty every toy shelf in Nana's play room in less than five minutes. Dad and Mom, tired from driving and enduring two toddlers at such close proximity for so long, just wanted to go to bed.

But alas, we are here. And we're happy to enjoy over two feet of snow (though I'm already remembering why I love living in the South so much: 20 minutes to get the winter gear on for 10 minutes of actual outside playing) and we are excited to begin a week of Family Fun Times!


  1. Merry Christmas Sarah! So glad that you all arrived safely! Prayers for a good night's sleep tonight & lots of fun in the snow tomorrow...you know, like 15 minutes!

  2. Oh and I meant to add, YAY, you are still blogging on vacation!

  3. Hi Sarah-

    I've been following Melanie's blog and see that you now have a blog too! That's great and it looks great! I love seeing your pics each month and its fun be able to get a little more of the story of what's been going on with you all. Have a great Christmas and safe Travels!

    Michelle, Alden and Ashley

  4. Ugh...road trips! So fun!!! :-) Glad you made it safely with all this snow! Be thankful that with all that twisting and turning you didn't have to add car-sickness to the mix! Our family is cursed! Thus...very few road trips!
    We'll miss you guys! Hope you have a wonderful time with family...soak it up!!!
    Love ya!

  5. Celia - We've had our share of those too!! It's hard not to recall fondly the memories of Sarah holding little Grady's upchuck while I looked for a place to pull over!!

  6. Yuck! Thanks for that mental picture!!!