Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bestest Christmas Ever!

Christmas was good this year. Really good! But, after thinking about it, it was good for a reason I didn't expect.

Getting a white Christmas?

Check. (This Northern-bred girl must have snow for Christmas!)

Watching innocent wonder come down the stairs to find stockings hung and presents under the tree?
Check. (Serioiusly, is there anything more precious?)

Seeing amazement that Santa actually came and ate the cookies and drank the milk?

Check. (Or, maybe Dad and Mom had a late-night snack?)

Enjoying family fun times with cousins?

Check. (Time with extended family is special since it's so rare!)

Feasting on super-duper yummy treats?

Check. (You all know how much I like to eat...!)

Relaxing in beautiful lights and festive ambiance?

Check. (Can you say coozzyyy?)

But, the real reason for having the bestest Christmas ever was because of a naughty three-year old. That's right. A tantrum-throwing, frequently unkind, often un-sharing, and sometimes disobedient toddler. And that toddler? He's mine.

Seriously, that tornado of a toddler is what made this a great Christmas!

At one point during our time in NJ and PA, my husband was upstairs talking to (ahem, "handling") the above-mentioned toddler. I sank on the couch and closed my eyes to try to create a moment of silence, when it hit me:

"For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

BAM! I'm not that different than my toddler. I'm pretty good at tantrums too (albeit I don't yell quite so loud or flail my arms quite so much); I'm not always kind; I don't aways like to share; and I'm certainly not always obedient (come on, you know you break speed limits, use expired coupons, or give your husband and eye-roll too).

So, thank you Grady Lee, for reminding Mom what Christmas is all about: salvation through the birth of a baby. I love you so much, little man!

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