Friday, June 30, 2017

The Chapel of Love

Going to the chapel, and we're gooonnnnaaa get maaaaarrrieed.
Going to the chapel, and we're gooonnnnaaa get maaaaarrrieed.
Going to the chapel of looooovvee!
Some special friends (finally!) said I Do and our family had the joy of watching. While Grady had the honor of being a groomsmen and participating in wedding events, I had the privilege of dressing five people in a hotel room and ensuring we arrived on time and without stain or wrinkle.

Fact: I had to ask (or did I yell...?) for Grady Lee to please PUT DOWN THE CONTAINER OF STRAWBERRIES BECAUSE YOU HAVE ON A WHITE SHIRT AND A TIE.

I can't even.
The wedding was in Knoxville and after the rehearsal Saturday morning we enjoyed the Market Square and a fun lunch downtown.

The rehearsal dinner that evening was lovely and full of laughter, and my boys learned how to manage multiple forks, beginning with the furthest from your plate and moving in. And that cloth napkins go on your lap and are not, in fact, perfect for flapping in the air and snapping like a towel. (Why, boys, WHY?!)

Blessings and riches and accolades to the folks who set up corn hole outside for my boys to play.
Grady is convinced now, more than ever, that Jesus will come back before he has to walk Annalyse down the aisle and give her away to "some guy that won't ever be good enough for her." Well then.
The wedding ceremony was wonderful and my kids actually enjoyed it! Annalyse is already talking about dresses and flowers she likes; Grady Lee has decided he wants to get married "because I want a wife, but I don't want to have all kinds of people watch me so maybe we'll get married in secret;" Micah wants more dancing and a big taco bar a his reception; and Jaxton promises to still be my buddy even when he's big and likes other girls.
So, from this crazy bunch, CONGRATS Sean and Katie! We're excited to be neighbors... to go on dates together... to not pressure you to have babies really fast so that they can grow up and still be friends with our kids before they get too old... and to see God bless you as you pursue him.

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