Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snowmageddon 2017

A few weeks ago we had snow. 

For two days. 

And schools were closed and grocery store shelves were empty and everyone stayed home to avoid the treacherous conditions.

Because two inches of snow and 30 degree temperatures merit extreme caution (and panic).
And this is why I love North Carolina. Every winter we get a couple of days of snow; we're forced to hunker down and stay home and cozy and together; and then the sun comes out and temps return to the 50's and all is well again.
Should we be really desperate for snow, have no fear. The mountains are a mere two hours away and snow-covered hills for skiing and tubing abound. 
But, for the rare time it snows here, we're content to use boogie boards as sleds, wear rain boots as snow boots, and guzzle hot cocoa because that's just what you're supposed to do after a solid 30 minutes in such extreme temperatures. 
Schoolwork all morning; play in the snow all afternoon. No snow days mean no extended school days come May. Besides, by the time the neighborhood kids emerged to play outside our schoolwork was done and we were ready for recess. 

Home school for the win.
Snowmageddon 2017: thanks for the fun, thanks for the forced slow-down, and thanks for leaving just as quickly as you came.

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