Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 According to My Kids

My favorite place we went or thing we did as a family was...

Grady: Visiting Sea World!

Micah: Probably going to Disney.

Annalyse: Going on trips together.
My happiest memory from this past year was...

Grady: Going to a Panther's game!

Micah: Turning nine because I love when it's my birthday.

Annalyse: Starting to go to Exodus Church. Or getting Kaya from the American Girl store.
My saddest or scariest memory from this past year was...

Grady: That the Panther's played so bad, but since that's not a very serious answer to your question, how about having dreams about our house burning down?

Micah: The hurricane in Florida, and even though it wasn't much of a hurricane here it still made a lot of rain and flooding in North Carolina.

Annalyse: Well, I can tell you my scariest thing: when my room is super dark.
My favorite book or movie from this past year was...

Grady: Watching some of the Marvel movies, like Ironman and Thor.

Micah: Watching Ironman 2 and reading The Last Dogs series.

Annalyse: Does school count? Because I like all the history books we read.
Something interesting I learned this past year was...

Grady: How to play baseball better, like pitching and hitting with more consistency.

Micah: That cucumbers are a fruit!

Annalyse: How to tie my shoes.
Something I'm very thankful for from this past year is...

Grady: My family because I have people who love me and care for me.

Micah: There are too many things I'm thankful for.

Annalyse: Water and food.
Something I hope to do or see this coming year is...

Grady: The Panther's go to the Super Bowl and WIN!

Micah: Win the championship game in baseball.

Annalyse: Go on an airplane!
Something I need to work on this coming year is...

Grady: Self control because I am not at all good at it.

Micah: Patience because I don't have much of it.

Annalyse: Reading, reading, reading! But, I'm still going to get a library card at least.
(Pics from the Fernbank Museum and Macy's in Atlanta, GA.)

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