Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Day at Lake Norman

** Because I am always on the ball, and because I am always organized, and because I never make mistakes, this post about our wonderful day boating with my mom-in-law absolutely did NOT sit in my drafts folder for a month because I thought I had already published it. Just to clarify. **

My mom-in-law came for a weekend visit, and rather than spend every day swimming in the community pool because it was approximately the temperature of the sun, we rented a boat and explored another local lake.

Unless you're by water, summer months outside in NC can be uncomfortable. I'm so thankful for our options of pools and lakes and creeks to cool off in. And, I'm thankful for a husband who understands my dread of the squelching heat and makes provisions for summertime water fun.
Ladies and gentleman, check out this fun and adventurous Nana! What a joy for my kids to have experiences like this with grandparents who are in good health and who like to be active.
Annalyse thought tubing was the greatest thing ever, until she was thrown off and the tube rolled over her head and pushed her under water. After that, she was all about eating snacks on the boat and just watching others tube.

My boys were their typical selves: turning every possible aspect of fun into a competition!
Jaxton spent a few minutes on a tube with me, but made it clear he was not a fan. He was happy to help daddy drive and jump off the boat into the water when we made various stops.
Sum-sum-summertime. Making the most of it!

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