Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Happenings

Spring sprung in late February and we've been enjoying pollen-filled sneezes and itchy throats ever since. Flowers and buds are beautiful, but the yellow haze that lingers everywhere - well, not so much.

And, since spring has long since sprung, we've got momentum for summer. With 25 school days left, we're getting ready to end some extracurricular classes, put some workbooks away, and transition into days at the pool.
In between some spring travel, we've been focused on school projects, baseball and soccer practices, and playing outdoors every waking moment before the heat of summer arrives. Cap guns seem to continually echo in the backyard woods as my boys run wild, and Annalyse and Jax have gathered numerous bouquets of dandelions that I proudly display until they go to bed that night. Then, oddly enough, they disappear.
Earlier in March I turned a certain-age-that-is-quickly-approaching-40 and my handsome husband will enjoy his happy birthday in another week. Obviously since I'm his elder he should submit to my authority.
We also hosted an Easter dinner and enjoyed having two other families join us for the day. Annalyse took charge of setting the dining room table "all fancy with the glasses that have the skinny part on the bottom, the pretty napkins, and all the small salt and pepper containers."
As the official school year winds down, Annalyse will happily count to 100 by ones, twos, fives, and tens anytime you ask. But, ask her to read and she clams up and defiantly tells you she can't, even though she can. She's not a fluent reader, by any means, but she has taken huge strides and come a long way.

Jaxton can count to 10, sing the ABC's, and is starting to get the hang of wearing big boy undies. Come summer when I'm not focused on school I think I'll put effort into potty training. Right now, he is the neglected fourth child that is almost 2 1/2 and still in diapers.
The boys have LOVED being a part of a Nature Explorers Class for two hours every week. They've enjoyed kayaking, low ropes courses, archery, nature hikes, and their favorite: horseback riding. They are now scheming to figure out how we can either buy a home with a yard big enough for a horse, or who we can become friends with that will "store a horse for us."
Since April arrived, Grady has begun his work season of travel. He's out and about several times each month until August, and fingers crossed, I hope to join him a time or two. While he's gone, I've repainted the dining room and recovered the dining chairs. Let's see how long it takes for him to notice. Five bucks says he'll never know until he skims the Visa statement and wonders why there's a Home Depot purchase.

A full spring, for sure! I'm thankful for a husband who enjoys being active with our kids, for friends who step in to help when Grady travels, and for kids who are usually pretty flexible to roll with the flow and try new things. We are loyal to a consistent routine, but eager for spontaneous adventure.

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