Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jaxton Isaac: Two Years Old!

Lil Buddy. 


Train wreck. 

These are your nicknames, all said with love and endearment, of course.
Two years ago I was large and uncomfortable, ready to have you in my arms. I had an uneasiness about your delivery during the week leading up to your arrival, but because of God's goodness and the gifting of two skilled doctors, you were put in my arms without complication. 
And I'm forever grateful.

Grateful that God gifted you to me. To your dad. To your brothers, To your sister. And to everyone that has the joy of calling you theirs. 
I will never tire of your laugh. It comes from deep down and is contagious,

I will never tire of hearing you call out for one of your siblings: "Lee-sey!, Dee-dee! Di-dah!" You adore them and want to do whatever they are doing,

And I will never tire of being your mom. One of the greatest privileges and responsibilities and joys I will ever know!
Some days I am weary of your nonstop energy, but I am happy that you have a curious mind and active personality.

Some days I am weary of your tantrums, but I am happy you have opinions and a determined spirit.

Some days I am weary of self-imposed doubt and guilt from wondering if I am doing enough and being enough for you. And that's when I step back, with Truth-guided relief, and remember that you are Gods. He chose to use me in your life but doesn't need me to save you.
Happy Birthday Jaxton Issac! Two years old is a big deal: lots of new firsts will happen this year and I'm so excited to experience them with you. A front row seat to the adventure of your life is a beautiful thing.
I love you Buddy. Daddy loves you. Jesus loves you.

And yes, we all love you even when you are a tornado blasting through a room or a train wreck of a personality melting on the floor.

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