Monday, September 21, 2015

Racing Forward

Aaannnddd, just like that five weeks of school are completed. Over. Done. Finished. 

We are more than a month into our school year, September is almost through, and there are only 13 weekends until Christmas.

How is this possible?!
Every year, September 1 happens and then life is a blur of constant motion and full schedules until the end of the year.

School. Sports. Holidays. Birthdays. Field trips. Extracurricular classes. And just simple hours upon hours of outside play because the weather is finally cooler. (My constantly-full-of-muddy-clothes laundry baskets will prove that my kids prefer being outside every moment they can!)
My boys are loving history, having fun with science, and putting up with necessary seat work. Annalyse has zero desire to learn to read and is instead becoming a master at cutting, gluing, and coloring. And Jaxton is a curious tornado that works hard to make sure there is never a quiet moment in our home.
My days are full, my home is loud, my body is tired, and my mind is mush. At least that's how it feel a lot of the time,

But, my heart is full, my home is happy, and God continues to give me exactly what I need when I need it. Which is a good thing, because life is full throttle ahead...!

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