Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cape May, NJ

(Are you tired of hearing about our trip to NYC and NJ? Yeah, me too. But we had so much fun and there are just a few more pics I want to share. Far away family tells me they check daily - daily - for new pics.)

With Cape May being a quick hour and a half from my mom-in-laws home, we were excited to spend a day enjoying the sand and waves. After visiting last year, my kids have referred to "the fun time playing at Nana's beach" several times. Hoping for more fun this summer, we loaded the van one morning and spent the day enjoying the sun.
Aunt Becki joined us, and if I was a betting woman, I'd wager a whole lot of money on the fact that Becki loveslovesloves kids. And that she loveslovesloves to cater to every question, whim, and demand of my two youngest. She really is a treasure - eager to help and play!
The waves were HUGE. So big that it was nearly impossible to do much swimming. The waves rolled in as big swells but never crashed until they reached shore. The push of the swell was too hard for my boys to swim through, but they had a total blast spending a large portion of the day standing near shore and being pummeled by waves. This, painful to me but a burst of laughter for them, meant sand in - ahem - uncomfortable places.
Nana worked her magic by keeping Jax and Annalyse safe and content by digging holes and splashing in the foamy water. Guess what? My day at the shore was, wait for it... relaxing... thanks to Aunt Becki and Nana. Relaxing with four kids and pounding waves? Yes, that's correct.
The weather was great, the dolphins were jumping, the water was refreshing, and Jax even snuck a 45 minute nap in on Nana's lap.We finished our day with pizza and ice cream - perfect compliments to an already perfect day.

And that, folks, is a wrap on our travels up the east coast. No worries, we've got a trip headed south planned for later this month. More pics and stories of road trip adventures coming soon.

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