Monday, August 17, 2015

NYC: Midtown

We enjoyed exploring Midtown on day two of our NYC visit. Grady navigated us from Wall Street to Central Station, where our sightseeing began.

And, have you ever seen a seven-year old do pull-ups from his father's bicep while riding the subway? This may or may not have happened during our short ride.
We came out of the ground at Central Station, and because it was a Saturday things were relatively quiet there. Large and ornate, but missing the weekday masses.

From there Grady directed us to Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, and other key streets so we could enjoy some window shopping and also see the offices where he spends much of his time when he travels to NYC for business.
And, obviously we had to stop and take in part of the American Girl store. I say "part" of it, because we never let Annalyse know there were three levels. She was happily overwhelmed with the main floor, and I think all the guys in our group were relieved.
My mom watches the Today Show every morning and was excited to see where it was filmed. Because of the two younger kids, we opted not to do any studio tours, but hopefully we can do that next time.
We went different directions for lunch and met up at a cafe to sit together and rest. Air conditioning and a chair felt wonderful! After lunch we walked a few blocks north to explore the lower portion of Central Park.
Central Park really is a quiet retreat from bustle of the city. A few steps into the park and the sounds of traffic are gone. Instead, it's just the the sounds of people yelling for your attention to join a tour or get a carriage ride. But, walk a few steps more, and it really is peaceful... just the walking trails and folks spread out on blankets to relax.
The boys took turns playing some outdoor chess - something Grady used to do occasionally when we lived in Chicago near Lincoln Park. Kind of a fun setting for a familiar game.

On our way out of the park we stopped for some ice cream, which Annalyse successfully wore all over her shirt, and began making our way toward Times Square.
We stopped in the M&M store to choose some special candy colors, but didn't stay long because the store was busy full crowded at what seemed to be beyond capacity.
In addition from perusing a few other stores, we spent time in the center of it all just taking things in. So.Many.People! People everywhere and doing everything. We were (insert sarcasm) fortunate enough to see the naked cowboy, the painted ladies, and several Disney characters wandering around. It's all part of the Times Square experience!
We finished out our day by walking back to Battery Park and enjoying quiet quiet water views. We strolled the waterfront back to our hotel and once again called it a day by 9:00. For all the miles we walked my kids did great!

Next up for our final day in the city: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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