Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun With Nana and Cousins

After three very full and very fun days in NYC, we parted ways with Grady, who was staying in the city to work for several days, and the kids and I drove a quick hour and a half to South Jersey to stay with my mom-in-law for the week. 

Earlier in the summer I gave her ample notice about our planned visit, and I gave her ample reasons to, ahem, "uninvite" my loud crew from invading for the week... but Nana couldn't say no and certainly went above and beyond to rearrange her home to accommodate all of us. (Thank you!)
After being there for about 13 seconds, my kids had toys strewn everywhere. But, in all fairness, Nana has an incredible stash of vintage GI Joe, Star Wars, and super hero figures. Apparently my husband didn't play with his toys - they are still in mint condition. No way will I have like-new toys to pass on my to my future grand kids based on how my boys play.
We enjoyed three different day trips during our week, but also a couple of simple and relaxed days at Nana's house. Laughing with cousins, venturing to the local park, and playing games with Nana are all it takes for a good time!
We spent an afternoon at Longwood Gardens- beautiful! - and had a great time.While kids didn't really have an interest in observing and appreciating the impeccable gardens, they were full of enthusiasm and energy for the tree houses and fountains.
With seven kids running in all directions and climbing in all kinds of places, we made it through the day without skinned knees. There's a first for everything, I guess!
My sis-in-law made some cupcakes for a simple Happy Birthday party for Nana... and I think having all her grand kids together was the gift she wanted most of all. Even if seven kids eating chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing is a recipe for extended cleanup.
Our visits are few and far between, but we sure do enjoy the chances when we have them. Kids have an uncanny way of picking up right where they left off - able to play and pretend and laugh together without hesitation. 
This motley looking crew sure did have a great week together... more on our time at the Cape May shore and in Historical Philly soon...!

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