Monday, April 6, 2015

She Is

She is curious and inquisitive and adventurous. She is focused and determined and decisive. She is sometimes curiously shy, sometimes embarrassingly outgoing, and most of the time hilariously bossy. 

She's my not-so-little but will-always-be my baby girl.
She likes to chat a lot, sing songs all the time, and laugh super loud. She likes to read, dance, and play with baby dolls. She likes the mud, toads, and roly poly bugs.

She's my answered prayer and dream come true for a little girl.
She smiles over painted toe nails, stickers on her shirt, and all things that sparkle. She delights in entertaining her little brother, making new friends at the park, and being my number one helper at home.

She is a delight and a treasure and I get to call her mine.
She is only four but talks like she's 10. She is one moment sassy and the next moment sweet. She is full of strong ideas but has a compliant heart. She is little in form but big in personality.

She is my little girl. She is my little love. She is God's perfect gift.

She is Annalyse Joy.

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