Monday, April 13, 2015

Jaxton Isaac: 15 Months

Fifteen months old. Fifteen months old!

Since turning one, you've:

~ Worked hard to push four more teeth through. And goodness, those molars were tough! 

~ Discovered that falling on cement with bare legs is much different than with jeans. An infatuation with band aids already.

~ Gained just a couple of pounds, despite eating a lot everyday. You're up to the 4th percentile for weight and the 12th percentile for height.

~ Figured out how to go up and down the slides at the park. It's obvious you think you're a big kid now. 

~ Decided that sometimes it's not cool to wear a diaper and that running the house commando shouldn't be a surprise. For the record, your mom is not cool with this.

~ Learned how to climb on the stool and wash your hands. Soap bubbles are super fun and apparently taste okay too.
Jaxton, you are nonstop movement, can reach decibel levels to alert anyone in the neighborhood what you want, and offer melt-your-heart smiles to most anyone that looks your way. 

You are rarely seen without a ball in your hand, you guzzle a cup of milk faster than I remember any of your siblings doing, and you still detest (as in turn bright red from crying so hard) riding through the car wash.

Your brothers do their best to play basketball around your toddles in the driveway, your sister has decided she is your second mom and makes it her priority to tell you what to do, and your dad and I simply stare at you and marvel at the darling train wreck that you are. 
Fifteen months happened in a blink. I'm buckled in trying to enjoy the ride, but it's happening so fast I sometimes wonder how so much has changed in so little time. 

I love you Buddy!

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