Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Jaxton!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Drink coffee. Repeat.

December 20th until now has been full busy crazy FUN! We've had three Christmas celebrations and five birthday celebrations. That's a lot of gifts to open and cake to eat, and although Grady and I were growing weary of lighting birthday candles and gathering ripped wrapping paper, I'm certain my kids could continue the pace of celebration.

First birthday up: Mr. Jaxton Issac.
My little man may be on the small side (small as in the one percentile!) but has a large personality and even larger ambition to catch up on the action of his older siblings. A couple of weeks before turning one, Jax made the transition from taking a few steps to running. Apparently he has things to do and places to be because his feet are always moving.
Jax wasn't sure what to do with the business of unwrapping gifts, but after a little help getting started he caught on pretty quick. And lest he not know how to use any of his new toys, have no fear: his three older siblings spend much of their free time playing with his things. In fact, for a while, I had to institute a no-one-can-touch-any-of-Jax's-new-toys-unless-you-want-me-to-take-away-one-of-your-toys policy.
And the cake. Oh my goodness the cake. I'm actually not sure if he ate any of it, but I am certain he inhaled a lot of it. So while Jax doesn't look a thing like me, this alone proves he is my son.
A week after his birthday, the blessed little guy was given some belated birthday love from his Grandpa, Grandma, and Nana. More presents and more cake. And a whole lot more attention from special people who love him to pieces.
Jaxton, you partied hard buddy. Ripping into wrapping paper. Diving into cake. And smiling the entire time. That's what I adore the most - your precious smile. It lights a room and melts a heart. Keep smiling lots, okay?
Happy 1st Birthday!

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