Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Five Months

You've discovered your hands! You have figured out how to reach for dangling toys on your play mat and how to put toys in your mouth. Your grasp is clumsy and you've knocked yourself in the face with a rattle quite a few times, but nonetheless, you are happy with your new discovery!
You're also rolling back and forth, though you almost always prefer to be on your tummy. You prop yourself up fairly well and like to look around the room from your elbows and tummy.
And your legs and feet! My goodness, they never stop moving. Kicking and kicking and kicking - a constant blur of motion.
You took your first big family road trip this month, travelling 2,000 miles and passing through nine different states. You didn't like the time in the car, but did great with adapting to an always-changing schedule and pace of day while we were gone. And, I think your great grandparents and other extended family were more than delighted to finally meet you.
You began tasting rice cereal this month and seem to like it. I'm in no hurry to transition you to solids, but I am hopeful to boost your calorie intake so that hopefully at your six-month well-visit we'll discover you've gained an adequate amount. Though I still argue you're a lightweight because you never stop moving those legs...!
I think the biggest milestone this month, hands down, is that you began sleeping through the night. And by "through the night" I mean from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. No late night or early morning snacks and cuddles. While you're not consistent on this every day, you are more often than not and I feel like a new woman. 

Jaxton, buddy, I love you. So, so much! You bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. You are a perfect fit to our family and a blessing we couldn't imagine not knowing.

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