Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting Settled

We've been home for four days and the whirlwind of unpacking and getting back to our routine is settling in. Doctor and dentist appointments probably aren't the best thing to schedule immediately after a two-week vacation; but play dates with friends are always a welcome thing. In any case, the laundry is done, the van is cleaned, the fridge is full, and bits of school were completed. The myriads of vacation pics are sitting in a file on my laptop - someday soon I hope to review them and share some. But, with less than two "official" weeks of school left our noses are to the grindstone to get our t's crossed and our i's dotted. Well, sort of. The next two weeks have more field trips in them than actual book work so there's not a lot of formal studying happening anytime soon, which is the best way to learn if you ask me.
Our kids participated in the neighborhood Easter egg hunt right before we left and enjoyed getting lots of eggs and candy. We didn't dye eggs this year since we were leaving a week before Easter and wouldn't be able to enjoy them, and in my packing frenzy, I forgot to include our Resurrection Eggs to do while in the car. These are simple annual traditions and it felt strange to skip both of these things. But, to compensate for missed family traditions, we enjoyed a beautiful Easter service at our old church home in Chicago, The Moody Church. It was so good to visit and see familiar faces, enjoy a reverent worship service, and hear an honest message from Dr. Lutzer. Some things never change, and returning to Moody Church felt that way. 

Jax had his four-month well visit this week and checked out great. He's on the small side - 10% for weight and 15% for length. For the older kids, I've always put off beginning cereal and solids for as long as possible, but in an effort to boost calorie intake and put some pounds on my little man, I'm thinking of starting sooner. Annaylse is over the moon about the nigh chair and tiny spoons in the drawer and is convinced it will be her job to "feed Jax very, very carefully so he doesn't choke." 
This whirlwind week is coming to a close, and this is an evening to relax. Grady is about to put steaks on the grill and we're trying to decide between a fire on the patio with marshmallows or a movie on the couch with ice cream, of course. Decisions, decisions.

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