Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jaxton Issac: Three Months

Jaxton, today marks three months since we first locked eyes. Since I first kissed your cheeks and cradled your little body.

If I'm honest, the three month mark is a little sad. It means you're transitioning to the next size in clothes and that a quarter of your first year of life is already over. You've gained a few pounds and grown a couple of inches - you're not my teeny tiny little man anymore and it's all happened so fast.
Your eyes are still a clear blue. Your hair is mostly gone but that remnant of peach-like fuzz is soft to nuzzle. Your smile consumes your face and your little tongue is always poking out. Darling and precious and handsome. Oh, so handsome!
You seem to prefer sleeping on your tummy and don't like being swaddled. While I felt like you had a good sleep routine happening last month, you've thrown me for a loop this month. Your morning nap is fairly predictable, but you're giving me a run for my money in helping you find a good sleeping pattern during the afternoon and early evening hours. Some days you're a great three-hours-at-a-time napper; others a short hour here and there. Jax, little man, you are not following the easy example set by your older siblings!
You've made it clear your pacifier-sucking days are long gone and I haven't found a simple way to help you quickly quiet down yet. Well, other than being in my arms. Which is where you love to be - propped up on my shoulder so you're high enough to look around and close enough to me to hear soft whispers.
Spring has arrived and you've enjoyed several days outside. You love long walks in your stroller and seem to enjoy riding in your Baby Bjorn, too. Content to look around and take things in, and willing to smile at anyone who engages with you. In fact, you are an easy conversation starter most anywhere I go.
Grady Lee likes to hold you while watching Sunday afternoon sports. Like it or not, he's hopeful you'll be ready to start running and kicking and throwing and catching sooner rather than later!

Micah is always the first to comment on your clothes or notice your smile or let me know if you're crying. He is quick to notice details about you and remember you in his prayers.

Annalyse likes to... well, she likes to be your second mother. Once you can speak for yourself, you can let her know how much you appreciate having a pacifier jammed into your mouth when you're crying, how thankful you are to have her shush you and sing the ABC's to you when you're trying to sleep, and how much fun it was to have tea parties with her and her baby dolls.

And then there's your Dad and Mom. We are entirely in love with you, fully committed to caring for you, and prayerfully seeking God's best for you. We love you, Jaxton Isaac, we love you!

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  1. 3 months already? Time does quickly! Love that grin!