Sunday, March 9, 2014

For Now

Last week was busy. New extracurricular classes. Fun field trips. Dinner guests. Weekend conference. And umpteen loads of laundry because, apparently, three changes of clothes each day is normal when your boys play in the woods. But if you could overhear their conversations while building a fort or making animal traps or hiding treasure for a scavenger hunt, multiple loads of laundry is worth it. 
If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you've likely noticed my posts have been infrequent, rather brief, and lacking substance. Why? Depends on how much time you have to listen. The short answer, though, is I'm at a crossroads of sorts with blogging. 

I want to keep on with the simple posts that journal life in my family. Faraway family treasures the stories and pictures of kids they don't see often, and I know that in years to come my kids will appreciate the anecdotes from their younger years. 
But I feel compelled to do something else. Not necessarily something more or something better, just something else. 

In my mind the details are perfectly organized for developing and unveiling a blog with meaningful content beyond my simple family life stories. In reality, though, those details are jumbled and messy and I'm a long way from the image in my mind and the desire of my heart.
Thank you for reaching out with questions and prompts. I'm still here and I'm doing well. But for now, this is my life. And I'm sticking to it. 

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