Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The First Days

Tired mom brain? Newborn fog? Distracted with diapers and feedings? Probably a little bit of all of this because just today I sat down to blog (finally) and realized that I never published this post. 

This post from a mere four weeks ago. 

Oh well. Although some things are better left unsaid, I'm hoping that this is actually better late than never.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Jaxton arrived on a Friday afternoon and Saturday through Sunday evening was a steady stream of excited and encouraging visitors. Lots of friends and lots more pictures than space to share... each bringing lots of well-wishes, chocolates, flowers, and prayers. Less than 24 hours old, and you were loved and cradled by many already!
Grady stayed with Jax and I in the hospital the entire (long) stay, leaving only to grab an occasional meal. I think a combination of ESPN, a cuddly newborn, and a quiet room without our loud and active older kids made the hospital stay actually seem a teeny-tiny bit like a break. No, not a vacation and certainly not a relaxing getaway... just a simple break from the organized chaos at home.
My parents kept our older kids alive and kept our home running while Grady and I were gone. I came home to a clean floors, empty laundry baskets, a full fridge, and sparkling bathrooms. (What would we do without moms?!) Each day the kids were anxious to visit and see their new little brother, and each day Grady and I were happy to see them but deep down we were secretly glad that it would get calm and quiet again until their visit the next day. Does admitting this make me a horrible mom?
The car seat swallowed Jax's small six pound frame and he never made a peep during the drive home. We pulled into the driveway and were greeted by three very excited kids who all wanted to hold and kiss their new brother at exactly the same time.
Thankfully, Jax has done great with nursing and he seems to take bottles wonderfully. He is a s-l-o-w eater, but I'm banking on his pace picking up once he wakes up from his newborn stupor and once his jaundice is fully flushed from his system.

Yes, jaundice. Every 48 hours for a week and a half Jax and I have visited the pediatrician for a quick blood draw to test his bilirubin levels. His levels are beginning to drop, but not at the pace the doctor would like. If he's not in the "safe zone" by our next visit we'll have to move on the Plan B. While not a huge medical concern at this point, it has been rather inconvenient. Clearly he didn't get my telepathic message via the womb that I like things to stay on schedule and happen according to plan.
My parents left on a Wednesday afternoon and by the following Thursday evening Grady's mom arrived. Jax went from one set of loving arms to another without hardly missing a beat. He's a  loved little guy, I tell you.

My mom-in-law stayed for a short weekend, but long enough to enjoy the kids and keep their attention so that I could rest. And really, that was a huge gift in and of itself!
Almost two weeks old and life is far from ever being the same.

I'm tempted to set the timer on the microwave to manage the duration each of your siblings gets to hold you - and I need to document this so I can remind them one day that they actually used to argue over who got to hold you next and for how long.

The van has one more car seat in it and it still a strange sight when I look back and see four small heads. The stroller is a new permanent fixture in the back of the van and there is a stash if diapers and an extra outfit in the seat pocket for that unexpected emergency.

Your dad and I are tired because of every-two-hour feedings. And even when you're not awake to eat, your sleep is anything but silent and is full of newborn gurgles and grunts and sighs. I figure one day you may move out on your own and that I'll catch up on lost sleep then.

Yes, life is far from the same. But you know what? I'm happy about that and wouldn't trade it for a second. (Well, unless it was a few seconds that meant sleep!)

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  1. I cannot get over how precious this little guy is!!! AND...that you were brave enough to venture out to SPP with him in tow...and he never even made a peep! Seriously, the cutest lil bundle of love ever!!! So happy for your entire family in the addition of a fourth little head in the back of the van! :-)