Sunday, January 12, 2014

Six Years Old

Micah Man! Your birthday came and went and I'm just now finding time to highlight some things about you. Actually, this entire past year seemed to come and go without me finding much time to document a lot of special details about you. And, no, it's not a result of being the middle child. It's just because this past year involved so many things with so many people in so many places. But for right now, these next few paragraphs are just about you!

You are my creative, original, curious, and inventive kid. You're usually able to see things in ways most others don't, and you enjoy finding solutions in ways that aren't quickly chosen. Sometimes you choose a team or a food or a color just to be different from the rest of the group. Sometimes you choose an answer or come up with an idea just to test the response and the boundaries. 
The beat of your own drum - that's the way you walk. Most of the time this trait is captivating and exciting for me, but I'll be honest, the older you get the more it keeps me on my toes. You say the most unexpected things because you think in unexpected ways and draw connections between ideas at lighting pace. 

Your sense of humor is a style all your own, too. When you watch cartoons or read books you usually have a serious scowl on your face because you are fully engaged and concentrating. Then, when you decide something is funny your scowl turns to a huge smile and a loud (repeat, loud) laugh in nanoseconds. 
In regards to school, you really enjoy geography, science, and reading - especially reading. You read at a quick pace and do a great job of using expression and remembering the details of what you've read. Being an avid reader myself, this makes me smile big! So far math seems to come fairly easy to you, but you're quick to say you don't enjoy it because it's boring. Sorry, buddy, that's my fault. I'm not ready to have my just-turned-six-year old doing multiplication and fractions just yet... mostly because that means you're almost to the tipping point of doing math that makes me stress! I suppose, though, I should suck it up and give you materials that offers a greater challenge, and then when you have questions, send you to ask your Dad for help.

If it were up to you, you'd be outside playing sports all day. All.The.Live.Long.Day. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate the yells and dribbles and gone-wild throws that they are privileged to hear seemingly nonstop. Your biggest wish, right now, is for a house with a much bigger yard so that you can play all your favorite sports without watching for cars or houses or losing a ball in the woods. Maybe someday, Buddy, maybe. But until then, keep on wearing the lawn thin and making amazing grass stains on your knees.

Tacos, pizza, hot dogs, cucumbers, and M&Ms are your favorite foods - in that order. You chose Taco Bell as the place for your birthday dinner and Dad and Mom inwardly rolled our eyes and did our best to help change your mind.Finally, when Nana offered to pay you $2 if you chose another place, you opted for Chili's and then told Dad he'd still need to bring you to Taco Bell for lunch later in the week. See that? Negotiating at it's finest. You pocketed $2 and still got your wish of Taco Bell. You also wanted pumpkin pie for your birthday. Wait, what? Who asks for that? My Micah Man, that's who!
Grady Lee is your best friend and you two are inseparable. Yes, you argue and fight, like all brothers do, but overall you are best buddies. Although your personalities are very different, you both still enjoy a lot of the same things and are able to play and pretend and compete on the same level. I'm so thankful you have a best friend built into our family.

You do a great job of reading books to Annalyse, playing "quiet" with her and her dollhouse, and you offer lots of hugs and kisses to her. That is, if you're not caught up in the moment and forget she's a girl and try to wrestle her to the ground during a match of Monkey in the Middle.

Now that Jax has arrived, you are always eager to hold him and you do great at giving him a bottle. You start to panic if Jax cries while you're holding him, but as long as he's quiet you're willing to hold him through a movie or football quarter. You've mentioned, on more than one occasion, that you "can't wait for Jax to get bigger" so you can "play all kinds of sports with him and teach him how to be good at them." Soon enough, Buddy, soon enough. You became a tough-stuff six-year old in what seemed like mere months... let's not rush Jax to grow up too fast, alright?
A lot can happen in one year. A lot of learning and experiences and upsets and joys. I'm anticipating so much for you this year and I'm thankful that, together, we can learn and experience life. I blink and that moment is gone - so I'm grateful for the chance to do school at home and savor more moments with you. But it's not about me and what I want. It's about God and what he wants. I know he wants the best for you and that he wants you to give your best for him. I pray that this year you will choose excellence in how you make decisions, complete schoolwork, interact with friends and family, and in how you complete chores.

Always know that I am proud of you. That I am here for you. That I admire you. That I appreciate you. That I enjoy you. And most of all, that I love you.

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