Monday, December 16, 2013


December is half over. Already. That means 2014 is a short 17 days away.

Christmas is in 10 days. Already. That means simple traditions are almost through, the fun decor will soon come down, and the happy anticipation of something special is over.
I'm 38 weeks along. Already. That means that Baby #4 will be here in mere days!

The 2013-2014 school year is half over. Already. That means, well, a whole lot of scratch-my-head kind of things: Are we tracking well? Is everyone learning... something? Have we spent the first half of our school year on what's important?

Enough already! Too much happening too fast.

With a baby arriving this week, my parents coming into town, Christmas just around the corner, and Micah turning six in two weeks, I've opted to begin Christmas break this week. Aside from math, reading, and grammar, the schoolbooks are closed.

As I type, cookies are in the oven, laundry load number three is tumbling dry, and three kids are in the backyard playing in the sandbox. Today is a home day. A day to get batteries in the baby swings and bouncers, empty all laundry baskets, fill the freezer with a few prepared meals, complete some thank you notes, and other odds and ends. 

And, speaking of thank you notes, thank you to you. You know who you are. The friend that calls or texts to ask how things are going. The friend that prays for our family and graciously offers meals or to help with the kids. You've encouraged me and blessed me.

Before we broke from our school routine for the next couple of weeks, I quizzed the boys on some US geography we've been studying. I was surprised that they were able to recite all 50 States and identify almost all of them on the map. As we've been learning about the States, we've been singing a watch-out-or-it-will-be-stuck-in-your-mind-all-day song to help.

While the following clips are for the grandparents, you may find them slightly amusing. Maybe. But probably not. They are off tune and without music. But maybe that's what makes them even funnier. Maybe.

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  1. Going going going strong, my friend! To the day you walk into that are seriously the little engine that could! Filling all of your days with fun and memories! You amaze me!!! I am so excited that ALREADY is ALMOST here!!! :-) Cannot wait to hold sweet lil boy Peeler in my arms this weekend!!! AHHHHH!!! Covering you in prayers!