Tuesday, July 23, 2013

He Finally Did It

Several weeks ago, after his final trip back from Switzerland, Grady had a surprise for the kids.
The boys has asked for one of these almost every time they talked to Grady on the phone. They'd meet him at the door from a return trip and eagerly ask "if you got one for us yeeeet?"
After seven weeks of asking and hoping and waiting, their wish came true. Grady bought each of them a Swiss Army Knife.  
Annalyse has the teeniest pink knife that could probably cut butter, along with a simple pair of scissors. She has no idea how to open it, but treasures holding it - more than likely because she has seen the excitement from her brothers and she wants in on the fun.
Grady Lee has a blue knife, because blue is his favorite color, and Micah has a red one. Their knives are a bit more complicated with 15 different gadgets inside. Rest assured, the knives are in an out-of-reach and secure spot, only to be used when Dad is close by to watch and help.
Micah has asked to cut down a tree in the backyard to make a stack of firewood. Clearly he doesn't grasp the difference between knife blade and saw blade. And Grady Lee has asked numerous times if he can shave the bark off a stick to make an arrow to throw at the squirrels that eat from our bird feeder. He may actually be on to something.


  1. These beat out chocolate anyday!!! :-) I love that Micah is already going to cut down a tree! Classic!!!

  2. That last pic is just priceless! What a very special "big kid" treat Grady brought home for them! Swiss Army knives are great & so useful!

  3. Let the boys know that Caleb collected these!!!! He loved them (they still sit in a little bucket in his room), esp all those gadgets. Side note: your children are so handsome/beautiful!!!! Cannot believe how much Annalyse has grown.