Thursday, June 27, 2013

Switzerland: Rapperswil

On our second day in Switzerland, Grady and I enjoyed a morning of sleeping in and a relaxed breakfast. Although I told him that this was more than enough to constitute a wonderful vacation in my book, he assured me that our plans that day would be relaxing yet full of new things.

And he was right.

After about an hour train ride south of Zurich, we got off in the small town of Rapperswil. My immediate impression: beautiful. My immediate decision: stroll slowly and take it all in!
The following are some snippets from a guide-book we picked up while visiting Rapperswil. 

"The wonderful Rapperswil area has been inhabited for over 3,600 years. The particular positioning of important historic roads shaped the history of this city, which was founded around 1200 AD by the Barons of Raperswil..."
"Rapperswil is one of the most beautiful recreational areas in Switzerland. Rapperswil... on the Riviera of the Upper Lake of Zurich, is a regional centre of Mediterranean charm with typical southern hospitality."
"It is thought that the castle and the church overlooking the lake and town were founded by the Barons of Rapperwil at the beginning of the 13th century."
"At the pace where, centureis ago, a footbirdge reached from Rapperswil over the lake, a wooden bridge was once again built from Raperswil to Hurden... With 840 metres of length, it is the longest wooden bridge in Europe. The... historic bridge chapel dating back to 1551 is the last remaining witness to the previous wooden bridge."
"Quaint, dreamy allys and lively squares invite the visitor to stroll and linger. The unique charm of this little city with its wonderfully preserved buildings and houses from the Middle Ages will enchant the visitor too."
We spent a full day walking cobblestone alleyways, eating alfresco by the lake, taking in gorgeous mountain views, treating ourselves to gelato, and enjoying a scene that felt so far removed from anything in the States. It was, I think, my favorite day during my week with Grady in Switzerland.
Rather than take the train back to Zurich, we opted to ride a boat across the lake. Instead of being a short hour, it was about two and a half hours because the boat made several stops at small hillside towns around the lake. 
Although the day was a comfortable 70 degrees, the wind from the moving boat made sitting on the boat deck quite cold. After an hour, Grady decided we should move inside - likely due to my purple lips and chattering teeth. Hey, I wasn't complaining, he's just gentlemanly like that.
The weather all day was beautiful - perfect for a day spent entirely outside. As we got closer to Zurich, however, we watched some dark clouds roll of the mountains and slowly spread toward the city. By the time we were through with dinner and back at the hotel, a thunderstorm rolled through that blackened the sky and blew rain down hard.

And that was beautiful, too - perfect for an evening spent in the lounge drinking coffee, reading a book, and finishing our day quietly together.


  1. Quaint! Beautiful! Breathtaking views! I've enjoyed reading about your trip!

  2. This brings back SO many memories!!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! So glad you guys were able to share all of this together! Unforgettable!!!