Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On Turning Seven

Mom: You woke up and suddenly you were seven! Did anything feel different?

Grady Lee: I was bigger!
Mom: What was your favorite part of your 7th birthday?

Grady Lee: Going to the pool because it's my favorite place to be in the summer and I love to dive for my dive sticks.
Mom: You have some more birthday fun coming up with family and friends. What are you excited about?

Grady Lee: To see my family that lives far away and to go to Monkey Joe's.
Mom: If you could go anywhere you wanted to this year while you are seven, where would you want to go?

Grady Lee: I would want to go to Chicago because I want to see the city where I was born and the house I lived in when I was a baby. I've been asking so many times to visit there, you know.
Mom: If I said you didn't have to eat a certain food that you don't like for this entire year, what food would you choose?

Grady Lee: [With shouting] Any kind of potato!
Mom: What is something you're hoping to learn or do in school this year?

Grady Lee: To learn to be a better reader in second grade.

Mom: What are you hoping to work at or become better at this year before you turn eight?

Grady Lee: Soccer! I want to be a good passer and dribbler who gets assists for his team mates.

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  1. This is so precious! Hope that Grady Lee had an AWESOME 7th birthday! (Sure looks like it from the pics!) I think 7 was the first year that the number seemed SO big to me...and now each year I think the same thing!! Also, I had to laugh at his wanting to go to Chicago...our kids ask a LOT about going back for a visit, even the ones who were born here want to see the other place we lived for a long time!