Thursday, May 2, 2013

Really Behind

Yes, yes, I'm still here. Thanks for the messages checking in!

I've been busy. Life has been happening. I haven't felt well. And, suffice it to say for now, big decisions and changes have been happening. All this means that I have much to share and much to post, but I haven't had very much time to do it! Stories are coming. Pics are coming. Possibly even a plea or two for help from some of you is coming. Stay tuned.

My parents were here this past weekend, which is always a wonderful time. But even though they played nonstop with my kids and gave me every opportunity to slip away and blog, I didn't have the desire to. I finally had a couple of days with literally nothing to do and I kind of liked it that way.
They left on Tuesday and the pace of life picked up before they had even made it to the highway, I'm sure. School is almost done. But, because I have eager boys who don't like to be bored, Grady Lee and Micah are well into some of their work for next year. Come June I'll put brakes on that and shift gears to some fun Bible memory projects that will incorporate some interesting hands-on things. Hopefully it will be a good change of pace but something that keeps us all intentional about reading and memorizing and learning together.
My Women's Bible Study and the Homeschool Class for my kids has wrapped up for the year, and we only have a couple of weeks left in our AWANA program and with CHAMPS Soccer. Lest I ever hear an "I'm bored" I have a supply of tricks up my sleeve to help keep everyone occupied.

And, when I registered my kids for our summer VBS program this week and stopped to look at our summer calendar, I nearly choked. I realized that between our travel plans and friends and family travelling to us, we have little room for the lazy days of summer. I'm going to change that. Sorry, but some things need to receive a polite no.
So, other than some disjointed rambles, I want this quick post to simply say thanks. Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for the notes of encouragement and inquiry. And thanks for taking your time to care about what's happening with my time.

More interesting updates on life will come soon. Promise.

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