Saturday, April 6, 2013

Boys Night and Girls Night

Grady is out with the boys tonight. "Boys only! No girls are allowed!" I was reminded several times today. Watching a basketball game, eating pizza and popcorn, playing some pool and foosball, and doing whatever else it is boys do when no girls are allowed. Because they're young I'm sure the fun is simple. I'm just glad they have a dad that's eager to have fun with them as they grow older, because I for sure don't want anything to do with belching and Mountain Dew guzzling and sports-related whooping and yelling.
Since Annalyse and I were on our own this evening, we had our own fun time together. I even had Annalyse putting her hands on her hips, stomping her foot, and sternly saying, "No boys allowed. Just girls!" And, for emphasis, before bed she prayed: "Dear Jesus. No boys allowed! Help me obey you. Amen."

We painted toenails - it is sandal-wearing weather after all. We went bathing suit shopping - it is oh-so-cute when you're two and oh-so-not-cute when you're, well, when you're not two. We ate ice cream - it's a must when we're out on a date and need a snack. 

And you know what? I'm giddy over my fun night with my little girl. She talked my ear off the entire time, probably because she knew she had my undivided attention. No questions for me, just lots and lots and lots of ramblings. She wanted to walk next to me and hold my hand. She would point to clothes on a rack and say, "I like this! It's pretty, Mom." Fashion opinions already. 
I'm thankful for a husband who delights in hanging out with his boys. Who is intentional to find ways to play with them, roughhouse with them, challenge them, and bring out the little man in them.

I'm thankful for a husband who can turn, almost without hesitation, from wresting with the boys and sit cross-legged and read stories about bunnies and ladybugs to his little girl. He notices her clothes and compliments her in them. He kisses owies and gives big hugs.

And, I'm thankful that for some unimaginable reason, I have the privilege of being wife to the best man on the planet and being mom to the three most remarkable little people.

Sometimes friends ask if I feel lonely or isolated from life since I don't work outside of the home and because I'm homeschooling. I can honestly say that no, I'm not lonely. In fact, I don't like not being with my family. Occasionally it's even hard for me to want to join girlfriends for coffee or dinner out because that means I'll miss out on family fun time.


Annalyse is in bed now and I'm expecting my loud and always-running-or-wrestling boys to arrive home any minute. (And yes, that includes my husband as well!) It's after 9:00 and that is a super late night out, you know. Right now, though, my house is quiet and clean and my heart is full.

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  1. Such a sweet sweet post! Fun for the boys and for you girls too! And I wholeheartedly agree...I don't like not being with my family!!!