Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nana's Weekend Visit

This past weekend we enjoyed beautiful spring weather! We cracked windows, used the grill, roasted marshmallows on the fire, and decided ice-cream tasted better just cause it was warm and sunny.

We also enjoyed having Grady's mom visit, enjoyed being outside, enjoyed being active, and enjoyed being together. Yeah, yeah... and the kids also enjoyed the many gifts and Easter baskets Nana brought for them!
Nana has infinite amounts of patience and a willingness to do whatever my kids ask of her: play games, read books, throw footballs, catch baseballs, walk in the woods, carry a certain two year-old that really didn't need to be carried but knew she could whine enough to get Nana to agree to do it...! And, sometimes Nana was caught in action doing several of these things all at once.
We don't take for granted the fact that Nana has to drive many hours to get here and has to give up a vacation day or two to visit. We know she sacrifices time and energy to show her love for us, and it's special that she gets on the floor and plays with my kids the whole time she's here.
I'm fairly certain Annalyse has Nana wrapped around her finger. She quickly figured out how to work her magic to get what she wanted from Nana. And, I'm fairly certain Nana had no desire to correct or stop such behavior since she willingly obliged to seemingly every whine or request (demand?) Annalyse made.
We love you, Nana, and look forward to the adventures of our next visit together!

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