Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Nice

It's nice to enjoy a dose of manners and cooperation with three kids in Target. It's even nicer to have a stranger compliment them on it.

It's nice to have school lessons organized and finished by 11:30 am. It's even nicer to have two boys ask if they can do more because "it's so fun to learn cool things about how God created the world."

It's nice to crack the windows and open the sliding door in January. It's even nicer to enjoy a walk in the woods, football in the front yard, and a bike ride around the neighborhood in a t-shirt in January.

It's nice to have a college-age student call and ask if she can come over to watch your kids - just because. It's even nicer when your husband can be finished with work by 5:00 pm to make that happen. And, it's really, really nice when you have a gift card on hand so you can enjoy dinner out for free.

It's nice to score a Craigslist find on a piece of furniture you've been shopping and comparing and saving for. It's even nicer when the person selling the item agrees to a much lower price simply because they want it gone quickly.

It's nice to enjoy the simple things. And, it's nice to know those simple things aren't random happenstance. They are calculated blessings that God graciously lavishes.

And that's nice. Really, really nice.


  1. And it's nice to have a wise, godly, encouraging & inspiring friend like you. A friend who looks for God's hand in every moment, every circumstance.
    It's really, really, REALLY nice!!!

  2. melanie, you are always full of encouragement! thank you for blessing me with your sweet words.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Melanie...it is so very nice to have you as a friend. I have been thinking that exact thought for the last two weeks or so...how blessed I am to have a friend that speaks TRUTH in my life! Love you! Hope you're having a blast!!!