Monday, October 29, 2012

Crowders Mountain

This past Sunday afternoon our family decided to take in the beautiful colors of fall and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. With every weekend seemingly full with one thing or another these past couple of months, we haven't yet made it to the mountains for a weekend of hiking. We decided that before Hurricane Sandy blew through and took all the leaves off the trees, we should find a place close by and explore to our hearts content.
Crowders Mountain is less than an hour from our home and was perfect for an afternoon hike. With several trails to choose from, we opted for the Pinnacle Trail. 

Because, clearly, the description of being a "strenuous 1.7 mile (one-way) trail" didn't phase these eager parents who were eager to show their kids "the summit of King's Pinnacle, the highest point in Gaston Country at 1,705 feet."

So, with water bottles full, sneakers tied tight, and Annalyse settled comfortably on Daddy's back, we were off!
I enjoyed the brilliant colors - is anyone else amazed by the beauty of red and yellow leaves? The boys enjoyed climbing on boulders and racing to see who could discover the next trail marker on a tree. And Annalyse and Daddy enjoyed some one-on-one time together since they were connected for the afternoon.
Grady Lee is a work horse - never once did he ask for a break, mention he was tired, or ask for a snack and drink. Micah Man had his moments of near-tears and "I'm super tired" whines, but all-in-all, his four year old legs did great with the four miles of walking and climbing he had to do. Annalyse had the time of her life on Daddy's back and hardly made a sound, except for the occasional "Uh oh!" when she'd drop a cracker piece down the back of Daddy's shirt.
Once at the top, we relished the views! The colors. The breeze. The sight. The distance. The magnitude of God's glorious creation.
Aside from clutching little hands and arms and making firm demands that no one was allowed to move unless Dad or Mom said so, we spent a relaxing half hour resting and enjoying the reward of our "super long hike that brought us to the top of a dangerous cliff."
By the time we made our way back down the mountain and to the car, the sun was low, the clouds had rolled in, and the wind was picking up. Hurricane Sandy was on her way, but didn't appear before our day of outdoor fun was through.


  1. Annalyse was a trooper on my back! I loved when we would occasionally grab both my ears, turn my head, and point out something she saw in the distance. I usually had no idea what she was referring to, but then I said something like, "Ohhh yeahhhhhhhh, ppprrreeettttyyyyyyyy....." and she seemed satisfied that her message had gotten through. :)

  2. LOVE that family photo at the end!! It is SO cute! Looks like it was such a fun way to spend the afternoon!
    And yes {raising both hands} ME...Every day I am IN AWE of the beautiful leaves...reds, yellows, & my favorite, oranges...their beauty takes my breath away! Actually, as I was driving today & smiling to myself at their amazing beauty, the thought occurred to me, "I wonder if it is just me or if everyone responds to the changing leaves like this?" It is like walking (or driving) through a gorgeous painting! Thank you, God, for this awesome display!!