Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wright Brothers National Memorial

With Kill Devil Hills and the Wright Brothers National Memorial being less than 10 miles from where we were staying, it was a must-see while we were enjoying our week at the Outer Banks. Besides, anything that involves planes is always a hit with my boys.
We toured a museum that explained the why and the how behind all the Wright brothers did in exploring and developing aviation. I think the best part was using the example of the Wright brothers to explain to my boys that those brothers were best buddies that worked hard together and were faithful teammates. The light went on in Grady Lee's mind when he exclaimed, "Maybe Micah and I can invent something someday, too. We are brothers and friends and we both hear you tell us that practice makes perfect!"
We raced down the flight path of the first four flights the Wright brothers made, with Micah actually running to each marker and asking to be timed to see if he could run as fast as the airplane flew.
The first flight was 12 seconds and 120 feet; the second flight was 12 seconds and 175 feet; the third flight was 15 seconds and 200 feet; and the fourth flight was 59 seconds and 852 feet!
After "flying" the first flight path, we walked to Kill Devil Hill to see the Wright brothers monument and better appreciate the view of the area. Thankfully there was a fantastic breeze so the bright sun wasn't unbearable.
Nana and Grady Lee took one path, Micah took another, and Annalyse and Daddy went at a snails pace until she finally asked to be carried. When we all reached the top, we enjoyed the great view, cool breeze... and a quirky new friend who chatted a mile a minute and took family pictures for us, all while sharing his life story (!!).
This 60-foot monument honors the Wright brothers and the hundreds of glider flights they made before the first actual engine powered flight. Grady Lee wondered if "the Wright brothers bones were buried beneath the huge stone" and Micah suggested that "Orville would be a good name if we have another brother or sister." 
After a long walk down the hill, we wandered another small museum documenting more flight history. Which, I'm sure it would have been fascinating to read all the displays and watch all the movies, but with three antsy kids that didn't happen. Maybe next time.
One last stop before ending our three hour excursion: climbing aboard a replica of the glider the Wright brothers used at Kill Devil Hill. I'm not sure if we're posed next to Wilbur or Orville, but either way, Grady Lee is determined that he wants to be an inventor like the Wright brothers. Maybe, buddy, just maybe you will...

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